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Welcome to MetersControl ! We have the pleasure to present to you our Company's profile as well as our complete range of products. We are pleased to introduce our Company as a European Manufacturer of Positive Displacement Flow Meters, Pumps and Fuel Transfer Equipment, with export activities and continuous presence of our products all over the world.

Meters Control is the registered Trade Name, of Netmil Co Ltd a Manufacturing and Trading Company based in the UK with branch in the Cyprus. Established in 1999 and since then we manufacture and sell worldwide the MC Positive Displacement Flow meters for Fuel and Chemical metering. The range MC505 to MC580 covers flow rates from 25 lpm to 3.000 lpm with accuracy and high quality. Meters Control Positive Displacement flow meters use the long time proven technology of Rotor and Vane, no friction due to the precise accuracy tolerances of the principle. The MC Series Flow Meters are designed and engineered in Europe and pass through rigorous tests that ensure the accuracy, repeatability and long life of our Product. These Products cover the Petrochemical, Light Chemical and Tank truck Industries.

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