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How To Order.

We adopted a new coding system for our products when placing an order. The purpose is the easy and precise transport of the information. By filling a simple form according your needs you end up with a unique string which consists of numbers and letters and describes exactly the needed product without any doubt regarding the produced equipment.

order description

Engineered Systems.

Engineered Systems for the Petroleum Industry.We pride ourselves on providing practical innovative and cost-effective solutions with all of your projects. Our goal is to help you find solutions. We look forward to supporting you in every aspect of your project.

Mechanical Construction.

We undertake all the aspects of the mechanical construction from the digital design until the last needed bolt. All we need to know is the target of your application.

Electrical Construction.

Electrical, instrumentation and control equipment pre-assembled in the factory in order to minimize the works needed in the field. For easy installation and protection of electrical and electronic equipment.

Turn Key Solutions.

The pre-assembled equipment offers turn key solutions by minimizing the needed works in the field.




Centrifugal pump with electric motor which are directly connected by means of coupling & coupling guard. Equipped with delta-star starter & overloading in a suitable enclosure.



Centrifugal pump with diesel motor which are directly connected by means of coupling & coupling guard. Mobile unit on wheels, for easy movement.



Diesel engine RD290 manufactured by Guggerini - Italy. two (2) cylinders, four (4) strokes, 17.7kW - 24hp, 3000rmp

Any Query?

Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or comments and give you more information on your requirements.